Dear friend,

While it is difficult to convey in words the truth of almost anything worth conveying, I thought I would jot down a few words which I hope might reach your ears and ring the same bells of truth that are reaching my ears here in Vermont.

Now the…

A new day is dawning, my friends. It goes like this:

Our struggles are almost over.

Just as before, it was surprisingly quick and easy once we set our minds to it.

We were doing the right thing all along, we just didn’t quite believe that we could reach the…

Friends here are a few good things in the world worth living for.

New carpets. They feel so good on your feet, all deep and comfortable and luxurious. I’m really glad that we invented carpet. I know, maybe there are negative aspects to carpets. I know. Yes, I know. But…

Sometimes, friends, in the dark of the night, when everything is still and clear, and the excited singsong of sunrise has not yet begun, I consider giving up on these various long fighting campaigns against reality that I have been conducting. And sometimes, I go through with it.

The moment…

The true mystery of suffering is not that our God created a world with suffering in it,
but that He created a world with such variety and richness in its forms of suffering
A simple malevolent god would have created with just one kind of suffering: a true hell.
But our Creator saw fit to create a world in which beauty is expressed precisely through the magnificent complexity of the varieties of suffering

Life is painful. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, but it is. Life is painful.

But life has an end. It does. I’m sorry again to put it so bluntly, but we do die

When we die, we might feel relief. We might! It would not be wrong to…

Dear friend,

In The little book on the human shadow, William Bly writes that we spend the first 25 years of our lives putting the parts of ourselves that we cannot accept into a bag that we drag around with us everywhere we go, and then we spend the rest…

Practice, practice, practice. We are creatures of habit. We work by doing what we did yesterday, modulo some tiny changes. To understand how to live, understand how to direct the contours of these daily deltas so that they tend towards happiness and beauty. This works by practice. We do a…

Alex Flint

Monasticism; robotics; AI safety; giving up our lives for the benefit of all living beings

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